25 Years

Incredible to think that it’s been 25 years since the verdict in the Rodney King trial set things off in Los Angeles. This was my response then, my attempt to understand. This dance was not meant for escape, but for confrontation of reality and for healing.

And in the struggle it’s good to laugh as we come together to fight oppression.



      Tears to the Wind - Jason Luckett

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“Bird on a Wire” – Thank You, Leonard Cohen

It’s nice to hear all the different musicians sharing tributes today. Sometimes the best way to honor our heroes is to participate in the act that gave us the inspiration. This felt good. I’ve always listened to Leonard Cohen in times when I needed to be reminded that a contemplative world was possible, that we were free to experience life in intimate and liberating ways. He’s inspired me to write. A few of you have heard a song of mine called, “(Please Don’t Play) Hallelujah.” That was inspired by his pursuit of excellence, not as a diss to the song, but I wanted to shake people out of covering the obvious, and encourage people to write their own “Hallelujah.” I look forward to sharing that song on an upcoming release. But for now, here’s a moment from last night trying to engage and give gratitude to the gift of Leonard Cohen’s art. (I’d never sung it before other than to myself, so please excuse the mistakes…)

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Podcast today!

Jason Hikes!I’m in Bar Harbor, enjoying my mom and Acadia National Park! Last week, though, Katie Mitchell interviewed me for the Standing “O” Project’s podcast. Standing “O” is a fair trade music streaming site that you may have heard about from “The Art of the Song” radio show, your music community or me (I was featured last year on “The Art of the Song.” It just went live today!

Listen here: with a fan or free trial subscription. Fans can also listen on libsyn here: or on itunes here:

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I loved talking with Katie in my studio. I was just getting ready for the Harry Nilsson Birthday Concert (which went great — I had a string section, bass and drums accompany me on “The Wailing of the Willow” from Harry’s Aerial Ballet album), and working on some new stuff which you’ll be hearing about over the summer.

I hope you’re having a good summer. I find nature, exercise, and music are the best healers, so I’m grateful to be experiencing them all. Hope you’ll experience some of the same!

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Nilsson Preview

Here’s a little preview of the song I’ll be performing at the Nilsson Birthday event on Tuesday. It was a demo for the string arranger. It got me inspired as you may hear on my next music update.

      Wailing of the Willow - Jason Luckett

Hope to see you at the show. I’m on in the very beginning. More info here. Harry Nilsson Birthday

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Unsolicited sweetness

Kenny Burrell told this story last night to a few of us. Duke Ellington had previously told him to his face that he was his favorite guitarist, but there was another private compliment he received from the legend. Kenny – with his trio – had opened for Duke for a concert in Central Park. They’d done a really good job and the applause was loud and strong. As Kenny left the stage he was walking past the maestro’s dressing room and heard Duke’s manager ask Duke if he heard all that applause. (Maybe he was trying to get his competive juices flowing…)

Duke said, “Yes, but did you hear that harmony?”

I felt a little like that when seeing this photo of me playing one of Kenny’s new songs last night, noticing him looking on so sweetly at the corner of the stage. These are the moments you live for as a musician, the moment you make your heroes smile!

Performing "Giving Back," a new Kenny Burrell composition.

Performing “Giving Back,” a new Kenny Burrell composition. That’s Kenny, far left, with Tom Rainier on piano and Tony Dumas on bass.

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The Second Half of the Bet (excerpts)

Here’s a sampler from the most recent album!

The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again)

CD $15. | 
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Put Music to Work (Free Song Download)

The best thing about creating music is that even when remuneration is slim, you can still give in abundance to help causes you support. This weekend there are two areas where I’m offering my support and encourage you to do so.

Hurricane Sandy Relief


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Sunday morning review of SHOTB

Last Wednesday I met a writer, Marc Goldsmith, who’s doing a 365 day music blog at the Hammer Museum after a program on LA, and Passing Strange with Stew and Heidi of The Negro Problem. Sunday morning he reviewed my album. LA is really made up of people who do things and don’t just talk about it! Check out the full review here:

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Now on iTunes & More…Please Review!

We’ve gone worldwide!  Everything about this album has been possible through community support, so please go by these major retailers to leave a review.  I really appreciate your continued support in making this album a success.


CD Baby

You can buy the album there or straight from me (of course I make more here). But the digital booklet is only available here and is included with your download from

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One Step (Don't Neglect The Rest)

Call. Canvas. Vote. Keep progress in motion.

I wrote this a few months ago and bashed it out an hour ago in my studio. Just a quick guitar voice demo to hopefully inspire you to remember to vote and continue to act.

      One Step (Everything Your Heart Desires)

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
I heard that said out on campaign
We believed it
Tried to be it
Now I just hear us complain

Every little thing your heart desires
Every little thing that your heart desires
Starts with one step followed by the next

Door to door we called them out
We gave one man most of the clout
He is one man
We are many
The peoples power’s not in doubt

Every little thing your heart desires
Every little thing that your heart desires
Starts with one step followed by the next
Every little thing your heart desires
Every little thing that your heart desires
Starts with one step, don’t neglect the rest

It’s easy to think one season brings the change
(That) one nation or one man can get it done
(But) c’mon life ain’t easy
You’ve got more brains than that
It’s time we remember how to act

We are the ones we are waiting on
We did it before, let’s do it again
The tea ain’t gospel
The dream is possible
(For) health and dignity
Every woman
Every man

I laugh at egotism
Every man has many guides
The more the better
We’re better together
I hope you succeed
Don’t you wish the same for me?

Hold up, hold up, there are places where
I really hope you won’t succeed
I want no success with war
I want no successful exclusion
My energy’s in peace
My energy’s in love and fusion

(c) 2010 Jason Luckett / Lucky Masala Head

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