Open Letter to Fans and Friends

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1. Ideas


Many of us have been in this relationship for a long time.  It’s nearly twenty years since the first postcard went out to my mailing list. Families have grown from first dates at my shows.  It’s been an amazing to observe the change in members of this community’s lives over time.  And it’s still amazing to watch the change of an individual audience member over the course of a set from the tentative first song to the celebratory or intimate finale.

It’s also no secret that this communion has been challenging.  Changes in the economy and technology have worked for and against my particular career. I still remember being stoked having access to the EMI postage meter in 1990!  Yet that access was granted through a deal I won not by demo tape, but by getting in front of decision makers in their offices and playing my songs directly to them.  The point being, I’ve always been eager to embrace technology in service of my career, while the strength of my art has always been a throwback to an unmediated man, guitar, and audience.

The mission has always been to open avenues of communication, to open minds to possibilities of love, societal connection and empowerment. If I get in there to nakedly examine the icky stuff and sing about it undefeated, then perhaps you can bring your own vulnerabilities to a dialogue that will strengthen your connections in your community, across communities and with your loved ones.   I think this is why my tales of displacement and longing  get tagged “positive.”  I’ve often wondered if people were really listening when I’ve heard that reflection.

But yesterday in my first ever guided yogic meditation I finally understood why people assume that’s something I do (yoga).  In turn it helped me understand the “positive” description.

In India over the past few weeks I visited churches, temples, artist colonies, and ashrams.  I got to play music with South Indian classical musicians, unrehearsed, in a concert setting.  I sat next to the 90 year old B.K.S. Iyengar for an hour at his center.  I know nothing really of any of any of these disciplines, but I get the suggestion that all are about coming to a practice with the intention of opening up to spirit, whether that’s through improvisation along form or listening to God as opposed to talking (as Elizabeth Gilbert characterized meditation v. prayer in Eat, Pray, Love.)

I had a great conversation with Veenapani Chawla, creator of the Adishakti Theater Company near Auroville, about Sri Aurobindo and levels of consciousness.  We talked about this level of creativity that’s short of the supramental idea that he posed as the next level past our present being, but is a step towards that.  Artists often enter this wonderful realm where we’re open to inspiration and creative synthesis of ideas and spirit. Others get there through play or meditation.  Perhaps for some, it comes through some measure of natural ability, but more surely it comes from the discipline and love of the art’s creation. Artist’s have the intention to create, as seekers have the intention to learn, lovers intend to love….

So back to our relationship, I feel like I’ve failed to have my marketing reflect my mission. It’s not just my emails, which I fear tend towards a less rooted “positivity” in their tone, but also in the venues I’ve picked or how I’ve chosen to invite you.  A showcase club is not a place people typically go to open their souls.  So I’m looking for venues that will help us meet in a spirit of exchange and growth.   And I hope that when I play a “showcase” venue – that’s not ideal with its shifting audiences – I can bring you there not just to support me, but with the intention of creating community with all the emotional risks that entails. It happens in almost any room when we’re together.  I see it happen all the time with new faces.

I want to grow and I know that requires a community of similar intent.   My corporation is you.  You’re my investors and patrons. I don’t love being the president on down to the shipping clerk, but that’s where we’re at right now.  I welcome all offers of assistance with promotions and booking.  My intention is to bring music and expansive conversation to more people this year and have that fully support me financially.

2. Action

I’m planning to head to Kerrville again this year.  The festival starts May 21 near Austin, TX.  It’s only a month away, but I’d like to set up house concerts (or clubs) along the way and beyond. Only a dreamer would call that possible with this notice, but I am.   Here’s a link to a site that explains how to host a concert: And here’s my  profile on the Concerts in Your Home site:   Issa (or Jane Sibery) has an info sheet on her site that gives an idea about how to hold a “Music Salon” that may help you in planning.  I also have an older sheet up on my site: .  I’ll reach out to some people individually, but please reach out to me when you receive this with your ideas.  I’ll be able to sneak away to Austin or nearby to do shows during the time of the festival (May 21- June 7) and if there’s interest east of Austin I may head to the East Coast for a while.  Most of my stuff’s in storage and I’ll be traveling light.

I have  a new album and I’m loving it.  I want the world – and especially you all – to hear it and hold it in your hands.

On the verge of 1000 words, I’m signing off.


3. Show

This Saturday, Neighborhood Cup, Aliso Viejo. Love Fest!



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