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come by here we are holding hands
some say it’s outrageous but we do what we can
people are laughing and so am I
this is my kind of day light

leaves are falling
songs are rising
pacific ocean on the horizon
next year by Christmas
can we end all wars?
Mideast midnight twilights?

every man sing what you can
young boys in knee pants
women in pantsuits
shy catholic school girls
Pakistan’s Hindus
join this band stepping to yes we can can
Ahmad and Krishna
Siddhartha and Jesus
the list could go on
this is the big picture

you could be locked in two feet of snow
somewhere it’s summer
here hot winds blow
trial by fire,
or we could just try
this is my kind of good fight

glory on high
assalamu alaikum
shalom chaverim
we’ve chances, let’s take ’em
wish peace on earth
joy to the world
this is our time

join with the band
and sing what you can
every woman
every man…

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