So this is the little page where I tell you what’s been happening friend to friend, things I’m excited about and a brief answer to the familiar question busy travelers get all the time, “Where ya been?”

  1. I’m really excited about my new studio. This is my second room since I started putting things together. My first was in Laurel Canyon, walking distance from home, but the noise overwhelmed the charm and I moved to a new place on the top floor of a building near Sunset and Highland. How can the heart of Hollywood be quieter and calmer than Laurel Canyon? Well, I was on Laurel Canyon Blvd on the ground floor… Oh, I didn’t mention that Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and many others recorded on the ground floor here, so it’s got some magical juju!
  2. I’m hoping that feeds into the batch of songs that have been marinating up here for my next album. I think I’ll call it “The Big Follow Up 2.”
  3. My partner Adrianne and I recorded a little record here for Larry Wolf, best known as part of Robert Downey, Sr.’s group of actors which made films such as “Putney Slope” and “Pound” in which Larry shared the screen for Robert Downey Jr.’s film debut! His voice is beautifully seasoned and he swings, heavily influenced by the behind-the-beat phrasing of Billie Holiday. It’s just charming and it thrills me that it’s the first thing to be pressed out of my new studio.
  4. Still very excited by the Standing “O” Project featuring me last year and its featuring me nationally on the Art of Song radio show. It’s a great site and streaming music service. It took a minute for the site to be ready for primetime on all platforms, but it’s looking great now and I suggest you check it out.
  5. I’ve continued to do hundreds of kids shows around the state each year for the past three or four. I’ve worked with a few different partners doing sort these sort of music and comedy based shows that teach kids how to conserve water and other natural resources. And I just began a new one teaching kids about bullying. I admittedly keep it on the down low here because I don’t like the clothes I wear (!) but the concept is great and the work is highly rewarding. It’s been a big part of my life. It interferes a bit with spending time writing, but it all fits with the mission statement to use art to better the world.
  6. I just did a photo shoot for a friend’s project called “Partblack.” I’m looking forward to seeing where Damian Belliveau takes it. I always relish the dialogue on all things dealing with an embrace of diversity, so it’s been fun to join his conversation.
  7. I’m really excited about this upcoming Harry Nilsson Tribute. Happy to be singing with a bunch of old friends and really happy to be delving into Nilsson music deeply. It’s some really dense and difficult stuff when you start peeling away at it. The guy was extremely gifted!
  8. Another thing that was really fun in the last year was being the special guest at the LA Writer’s Workshop retreat. Makes me want to do more of that sort of thing.
  9. And I’ve been teaching. That’s been inspiring.

Anyway keep checking this page for more. And while you’re here, drop me a line and let me know what’s you’re up to, okay?

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