House Concerts

House concerts are informal concerts, usually in people’s homes, where 20 or more people can sit comfortably to enjoy an intimate concert. It’s a great way to make a show happen if I don’t already have plans to come to your city and/or to set up an even more intimate, interactive experience.

Though I’d love to take credit, there’s a whole House Concert movement which you can learn about on

You Provide:

  • A welcoming space that can fit at 20 or more comfortably. It can be in your home or even a local community center, meeting space, your garage, or outside.
  • 20 or more music-loving guests, it could go up to 100 depending on how big your space is and how many people you wish to invite.
  • $10-$20 suggested donation at the door per person, or you could sell tickets in advance. (One idea is $5 for children, $10 adults, $20 per family. We can also agree on an affordable, pre-negotiated flat fee. On some occasions I may play for donations and CD sales if a fee is not an option)
  • Electricity, help unloading and other small tasks the day of the concert.
  • Maybe drinks and/or food. Maybe not. Or make it a potluck and get everyone involved! That’s often the nicest way.
  • Maybe a place for Jason to stay for the night. Your couch, a spare room, a friendly neighbor’s room. If not, that’s OK, too.

An evening up in Topanga CanyonJason Provides:

  • A warm, intimate, interactive 1-2+ hour performance. Imagine Austin City Limits, live in your living room.
  • My sound equipment, if it’s necessary, though I usually prefer a totally unplugged experience.
  • CDs and maybe other merchandise for sale.
  • Fun!

The tried and true method that most house concert hosts use is to send invitations in advance, solicit RSVPs, and even possibly ask that tickets be bought in advance.

You can also choose to open up your house concert to the public, inviting my other local fans or even advertising it via local radio and newspapers. Its up to you.

It works best when the hosts (you) are enthusiastic. When you invite all your friends with enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm spreads. It’s really a unique way to experience music. I actually like it more than playing clubs. Why go to the music, when the music can come to you!


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Though it’s not technically a house concert, this is a similar experience: