Arrogance Procrastination Fear Humility

Arrogance Procrastination Fear Humility

Featuring “The Chosen Few,” “Celebration,” “Daydream,” and “Simple & Known.”

Arrogance Procrastination Fear HumilityTrack List:

…Children | Daydream | Sweat | Chosen Few | Lovesjoy | …Seriously | Long Enough | Na Na Na | Bliss | Celebration | Simple & Known | Seems Possible

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Great friends came over: Est Nyboer, to play drums, and Joselyn Wilkinson to sing a little with me. The rest I just did at my leisure. Well… that makes it sound easier than it was. The world felt insane in 2002. But doing this music, alone and with friends, I really felt the love which gave me faith in peace.

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