Featuring “Son/Sun,” “24 Hour Inspiration,” Vaudeville,” and “Ballet Girl.”


Track List:
24 Hour Inspiration | Son/Sun | Vaudeville | Celia | Don’t Belong | Always Room | Ghia | Two | Looking For Bruce | Don’t Believe Anything | Church by the Sea | Anali | Sick | Misery | Rise | Ballet Girl | Last Rites (For A Carefree Youth) | Wake | Winter in Brazil (lyric by Peter J. Harris)

I like this album. I’d been hanging out with a great group of musicians from UCLA at the time. Most of the guys were studying jazz and ethnomusicology. We got a really nice organic sound. Some of the songs feel a little young to me now, but tracks like Anali, Ballet Girl, and Celia represent a nice folk style that I don’t do as much anymore. Then there’s the beautiful words of Peter J Harris that I set to music on the bonus track, Winter in Brazil.

Features: Todd Sickafoose, bass; Mark Ferber, drums; Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Jebin Bruni, various keys; Mimi Finn, tuba.

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