Forest Giggles, Scandinavian Smiles

I should know by now that I should never put a number one by anything unless number two is already done. Yes, there were many more German Forest Giggles: the ATV ride to take Sanni’s son to the first day of school, the spontaneous children’s show with Lotan one morning on only a cup of coffee, then amazing jams with Singa who learned guitar and drums to my songs,which we then performed on a rowboat and in the bottom of a cave with a gang of German school kids. I guess the giggles weren’t all in the forest and they were definitely more giggles of joy rather than silliness, though I must say singing along with the bells in a the belfry in a castles complete with torture chambers was definitely silly.

Then I went to Copenhagen and got to play on a stage I think almost every day of the four I was there. Like Germany, I found a sweet community of musicians. We didn’t have all the bonding time like we did in the Monkees Headquarter like environment, with most of us in one cabin and extraordinary day trips, but with 200 songwriters, you’re bound to find some really great connections. Every time I got on stage in Copenhagen, I collaborated with someone I’d never played with before and in most cases had met within minutes of heading onstage, or in one case, the host just told me this guy’s gonna come up and play mid-set. That experience in particular turned out to be the funkiest sax driven version of “I See Everything” I’d ever done! And then SONiA asked me to join here onstage, which was a blast!

Tonight I’m just getting in from a really sweet show here in Stockholm where a gang of people I met in Copenhagen showed up, along with people I met in India, Los Angeles and, of course, here. The world is so incredibly small! I have no shows in Finland, my next stop, or Germany next week, yet. But I’ll be playing with my friend Jont, just outside of London a couple times next Saturday and Sunday before heading back to the states. Feeling great!

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