Library Girl on Mother's Day Night

Library GirlJulie Christensen, Dan Navarro and Jason Luckett – reading, not singing – with Lisa Orkin + Susan Hayden @ Library Girl.

YOURS FOR A SONG on Mother’s Day Night, featuring singer/songwriters Julie Christensen (Leonard Cohen, Divine Horsemen), Dan Navarro (Lowen + Navarro) + Jason Luckett reading from their work, as well as writers Lisa Orkin + Susan Hayden reading music-inspired stories. Library Girl is now FREE/No Cover Charge! Produced by Susan Hayden.

RSVP here or here on Susan’s invitation:

I don’t think Dan and I have shared a mic since the nineties, and it was definitely nothing like this. I’m excited to meet Julie after all these years. I don’t know Lisa yet, but Susan is a great writer, so this should be a very good night. Hope to see you.

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