London, Berlin, Paris!

I’ll be in London next week! Berlin follows, and Paris is after that. It’s mostly to visit friends…but that’s what most of my tours are, as well. It’s an opportunity to deepen and start new relationships with music as the social lubricant. I’ll do one show in Central London next Wednesday and a show at the furthest western reach of the London tube system in Chesham on Thursday evening. Nothing is planned for Berlin, but there will be an invitation only soiree in Paris on August 24. Let me know if you’d like to attend and I’ll forward your info to the host. And I’m always open for a quickly arranged house concert, if you are.

It’s been a long time since I’ve sent a proper newsletter and so I thought I’d catch you up a little. “Women and children first” could definitely describe my year since we last were in Europe. When we got back from Paris last year (a very funny trip exiting the country, in a taxi, the Eurostar to London, a tube to Heathrow, a jet across the Atlantic, and a silly Super Shuttle back to our home in LA) I went nearly straight on tour with Sonia and Disappear Fear playing bass. We got to see a good chunk of the US South, Midwest, and East Coast in just a few weeks. But I was kind of homesick and found it more rewarding to do a school year’s full of shows for children teaching them about water conservation and the environment. We did mostly public schools in Southern California, and it was really interesting to see the varied socioeconomic circumstances. Ultimately, it’s been refreshing to be around kids. Every once in a while I really felt needed for a conversation about life and sometimes I was tackled by hugs!

As that was winding down I started working more with Poe, getting her band together. I really enjoyed the audition process seeing all these amazing musicians in Los Angeles coming through. It’s just beautiful to see how everyone has such a different take on the same material back to back like that. Poe’s music is really great and she surrounds herself with really good people who are a reflection of her. We did a couple shows in June.

In March, Adrianne and I did our first show as a duo and got to showcase the song that we wrote together last year in France. Nick Mancini joined us on vibes. Adrianne and I also continued to do some production work for a trio of sisters’ individual projects.

In a more gender balanced arena, I kept up my monthly three hour Luckett & Friends show at the Left Coast Wine Bar, joined by Nailah Porter, William Galison, Emile Hassan Dyer, Diana Lynn, Brad Dutz, and Andrea Becker, among others. All this has taken some time from writing and recording music of my own, but what’s been coming in pieces is some of my best work, nurtured by these experiences.

So now it’s off to Europe! And when I return to LA in September, I get to make music with Kenny Burrell again on a fundraising show for an initiative called “Giving Back to the Future,” designed to nourish young musicians. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, especially if you’re in the LA area.

Life is good!

Hope to see and play for you soon!

Jason Luckett
Thursday, 14 August 2014, 7:30pm
The Drawingroom
Francis Yard, East Street, Chesham
Venue phone: 01494 791691

Jason Luckett
Wednesday, 13 August 2014, 7:30pm
12 Bar Club
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street,
London WC2H 8NL
Venue phone: (+44) 020 7240 2120

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