On Sketches of Spain

"Sketches of Spain" coverI heard this today.

Carlos Santana:

“One thing is to fall in love with a woman.  Another thing is to fall in love with life.  A woman might leave you.  Life would never leave you. Because you can drop the body, but you can come back again, and you’re still…  Life is eternal, forever.  So, you know, to me, Sketches of Spain is that kind of eternal romance.”

The song “Trumpet Guitars” (from [cref mmix-2009-the-new-album mMix]) was originally called, “Post Sketches of Spain.”  I’d had a beautiful first evening with a singer/actress.  We played standards read from my first “Real Book” and laughed ourselves silly.  (Yes, I know, not so rock ‘n’ rock.) Then we put on that album, Sketches of Spain, with Miles’ trumpet playing the guitar lines from Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez.”  The rest is in the song.  The woman is no longer in my life, but the album is eternal.

You can hear “Trumpet Guitars” using the MMIX Player in the right column.

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