Put Music to Work (Free Song Download)

The best thing about creating music is that even when remuneration is slim, you can still give in abundance to help causes you support. This weekend there are two areas where I’m offering my support and encourage you to do so.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

One is a benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief that will be streaming live from Studio City Sound tonight (http://bit.ly/UauH4Y) . I should be on around 6:45 PST (9:45 EST). You can donate to the Red Cross here: redcross.org.

Re-elect the President

And, I’m an Obama supporter so I’m offering this free Obama edit of “One Step” to inspire you as you encourage your communities to vote on on Tuesday.

      One Step (Obama Edit)

2008 was just the first step. We need to re-elect Barack Obama and keep on him to fulfill the promise he has inspired in so many of us.

We need to stay positive and active! Forward!

(If you want, you can take this song and create your own 3 minute campaign video. Upload it to YouTube and post a link on my Facebook page.)


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