This Amazing Year!

Thank you for making this year a dream for me! You funded the best album of my career. You invited me to play in five states here and six countries in Europe. You sent me sweet notes that bolstered my spirits when I was in danger of feeling alone and unaccomplished. You sang my songs back to me and shared videos of great times we had together in concerts. I’m so incredibly grateful.

Here are some of the highlights:

February: Freedom Songs concert with David Crittendon.

La Cañada Outlook, March 10, 2011, Review of Freedom Songs show with David Crittendon.Valley Sun, March 10, 2011 Review of Freedom Songs show with David Crittendon.

Spring: [cref 369 Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again) is released].

The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again)

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May: Kerrville Folk Festival and a gig at Bugle Boy.

June: Mixed Roots Festival and Poets & Writers Magazine’s Crossing Cultures

July: Georgia to New Hampshire including a really special show back at the Bitter End in NYC.

August – September: European Tour! Mannifest in Germany and Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, plus gorgeous times playing in Sweden, Finland and England.

October: Essay “New Again: I was with the Shark” and song “That New Day” written and performed for ALL/US/WE a Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron. Back to England to play the Drawing Room and 12 Bar Club, then roam around France!


Read the song lyrics [cref 3519 here].

November: Singing before a choir with Kenny Burrell @ UCLA in a first act that also featured Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Lalo Schifrin!

December: Adjusted Expectations is re-released with a bonus track and featured on as one of L.A.’s 10 best kept secrets.

"The Second Half of the Bet (Hope Again)" back coverAdjusted ExpectationsiTunes | Amazon

Thank you so much for everything this year.

I couldn’t do this without you. Hope to see you soon.

In gratitude!

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