It’s ready! Thanks so much to all you who supported my project financially and spiritually. I’m so excited to hear your feedback and see you as I tour around the country this spring. Honestly, as I write this I’m a little sleepy from trying to get everything ready. Who knew it would take so long? Every step took three times as long as I expected, and I now know that I need more RAM on my computer!

But it’s here! I’ve seen the big smiles and tears on the faces of the few I’ve played it for already. That always blows me away. I love the photos Simko took.  I took a few myself for the 18 page digital booklet (which you can only get by download—being green is also economical).  I like the journey of the album from hope to longing to hope again.  Maybe I really should change the title to “Hope Again.”  That photo was just a cool location, but it captured the mood.  It’s called “Second Half of the Bet” because I like that we make these grand wagers in youth, then we have to figure out what they all mean.  That’s how that stuck.  But the beauty of life is retaining that youthful wonder as we move with a little more wisdom.  Hope again…  I like it.

OK, I’m off to sing in a show about love downtown….  No big CD release plans yet.  But when the little things are stacked at my doorstep, I’ll let you know when we’ll be celebrating!

Love to you!

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