Adjusted Expectations

Adjusted Expectations

Featuring “Good Day in L.A.” & “I See Everything”

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Track List:

To Be First | I’ll Be Good To You | I See Everything | Quarter to a Late Night | Ring for My Left Hand | All I Love | Good Day in L.A. | Dust | Highway One | Broken Lies | Leland Avenue | Under a Roman Sky

Adjusted Expectations is a Los Angeles record. It includes the fave, “Good Day in L.A.” on the most literal end. But tracks like “Dust” and “Highway One” were inspired by classic LA lit. The disc is filled with cars, neighborhoods, and the need to get out that we all feel here at times. The sound is fairly sparse—mostly voice and acoustic guitar—with occasional multi-tracked harmonies, guitar orchestration and beat boxes. (The title comes from a fortune cookie fortune: “KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS REASONABLE.”)


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