Featuring “Stack of 45s,” “Mystery & Wonder,” “Come By Here,” and “Perfect Little Mess.”

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Track List:
Stronger | Thirteen | Perfect Little Mess | Bob Duluth | We Will All Be Fine | Moment in the Sun | Stack of 45s | Moment a Lifetime | Trumpet Guitars | A Big Picture (Come By Here) | Mystery and Wonder

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mMix is a powerful and playful look at the state of affairs in this mixed (up?) millennium. The sound is a bit of rock and folk, mixed with jazz and bossa nova. Imagine Curtis Mayfield crossed with Billy Bragg singing songs inspired by The Beatles, Joao Gilberto and Nina Simone.


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mMix (2009) – the new album

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=left]stronger
perfect little mess
bob duluth
we will all be fine
moment in the sun
stack of 45s
moment a lifetime
trumpet guitars
a big picture
mystery and wonder

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