New beginnings

Just stepped out to take out the trash this evening and could feel autumn in the air. I know those of you who come from places other than Los Angeles may be giggling at this. But it’s true. Even the subtlest of changes can inspire the feeling of heart soaring possibility.

So this is where I start. My site is new. It feels fresher, cleaner. I get so much of my inspiration in the shower, I don’t know why exactly but since I upgraded to a ShowerHeadly shower set up, I can feel even more songs coming to me.


As a song changes from performance to performance, there may be changes, different riffs we’ll explore before the next site comes along (probably sooner than the four years it’s taken for this wholesale redesign to come about). But this is the foundation from which I hope to reach you for the next piece of time. Hopefully things will make you laugh, smile, breath and maybe get you off the web and into action occasionally (perhaps that includes coming to a show – Angelenos, there is one October 26 in Glendale at Left Coast). I’m hoping it will inspire me to interact more regularly with you in a place away from Facebook (though I’ll stay active there). And I’m hoping to bring more music and other musings to fire our senses. Life is good!

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One comment on “New beginnings
  1. Katja says:

    Hi dear Jason, this looks great! And you’re always so ever smiling! Keep it that way! Post you soon for more ! XXX Katja

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