Voyage-Air Guitar

Voyage-Air Guitar

Out by the pool in Johnson City, TN

Guitar Geeks in Baltimore

Guitar geeks at BWI.

It’s been four years since I walked into that launch party and marveled at Harvey Leach’s beautiful guitars…then realized they could fold in half! Since then I’ve taken my VAOM-06 all over the US and Europe. It’s become my main guitar not just out of convenience, but because I love the way it feels and sounds. Inspired by my pal, Kenny Burrell, I put flat wound strings on it. It mellows the tone to where the Brazilian style stuff I like to play feels nice and yet it cuts through when finger picking or strumming. The intonation is spot on, too. Thanks to the team at Voyage-Air Guitar for bringing me into the fold.

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  1. Thank you Jason!!! You’re the best! From your friends at Voyage Air Guitar.

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